Hi there! We are booth owners at 2 Ohio locations and have pop up shops throughout the year at:

  • Charm at the Farm

  • Hamilton City Flea

  • Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market

Many of our "brain children" are inspired by Pinterest and just being obsessed with picking, vintage items and industrial aesthetics. It's a family run operation with a whole bunch of love and creativity being poured into curating and designing our one-of-a-kind pieces. Thanks for shopping with us and supporting a dream.


Co-Creator, Curator, Designer

Allison is the designer with a vintage soul and love for all things painted. If you can paint it, repurpose it or grow it she will hunt it down and breathe new life into it. She is also the visionary behind all our beautifully curated boutique clothing and line of home decor.


Co-Creator, Photographer, Designer

Doug is a graduate of fine arts from Miami University and is the awesome human that designs and creates our excellent lighting. He also photographs all our lovely pieces when we aren't trying to sneak some camera phone pics.


Co-Creator, Curator, Designer

Michael is our mechanically minded Co-Creator known for his custom one-of-a-kind repurposed lighting designs as well as curating our vintage and industrial items. Custom designed pieces are his specialty so don't be shy...ask and you shall receive!



Co-Creator, Artist, Designer

Sheree has a BFA from Miami University. She is wife to Doug and loves to live and breathe all things painterly - landscapes, still life, and portraits. You'll find her paintings on all surfaces: canvases, furniture and keepsake boxes.